The DripSphere represents both my creative evolution and the containment of my inherent beauty. In my earlier creative phase, I perceived a sense of limitlessness that was overwhelming—akin to managing the immeasurable. This realization led me to understand that true beauty cannot be conveyed unless it is first contained. Thus, the DripSphere emerged as both a metaphorical vessel and a tangible expression of my art, encapsulating not only my self-appreciation but also my self-critique—elements of my persona that I may find challenging or embarrassing to reveal. It symbolizes a dynamic entity within my mind a dripping sphere ablaze and pulsating, from which my creativity incessantly flows. This process is undeniably self-indulgent and driven by ego, yet it is essential for genuine self-love and acceptance. The DripSphere serves as a definitive identity shift from my earlier, more reserved self, who doubted the worthiness and beauty of his creations. It is the space where I create and the platform through which I share my art, encompassing fashion music and various art forms. The DripSphere represents a transformation of personal adversities into creative expression; it is my body, my tears, my love, and my anguish."  

- Ethan Jackson


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